We are dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the Hispanic cultural legacy with the purpose of helping us to never forget this rich heritage.  May all who pursue the study of the Hispanic culture and those who label themselves as Hispanic, Latinos, Chicanos or any other title of this heritage be enriched by our efforts.

Since 1992 our efforts have been achieved with the help of hundreds of volunteers, both young and old.  When we first began working with Mexican archives all of the money for those projects was earned through fund-raising activities.  In addition to selling tacos we raised, picked, and sold avocados and oranges.   Currently we are able to raise some funds in the sale of Spanish Colonial books, but our needs now exceed our fund raising abilities.  For this reason we are inviting the public as well as foundations to join in our efforts.

You will find a more complete history in the section "About Us."   Presently our main focus of activity is our project to digitize several archives in Mexico.  We are greatly indebted to the volunteers that have given their time and resources and invite you to join us in this exciting endeavor.